Nocefresca – a Sardinian artist residency for Gabrielle Moulding

Gabrielle Moulding has been accepted onto Nocefresca, an Artists Residency programme in Sardinia

Living in a rural village, far from tourists anda the chaos of the city, close to rural communities, Ella is looking forward to connecting with elemental life values and moments of authentic simplicity. She hopes to find doses of inspiration, to discover new landscapes, to experiment in her work as well as living and experiencing a taste of the Mediterranean lifestyle. For the whole month of November, Ella will be staying in the village of Milis, nestled just below the Montiferru mountain range, only a 19km drive from Sardinia’s west coast.

Nocefresca Artist Residnecy Sardinia  Nocefresca Artist Residency in Sardinia

Nocefresca residency invites artists from all over the world to connect and collaborate with one another while being supported by curatorial assistance as well as local community members during their stay in a rural setting.

Offering stimuli in every form from nautre and exploration to social interactions and historical insights, this program is designed to equip each artists with an ideal workspace and the opportunity to engage in creativity through discussion, learning and experimentation.

Based on their research and interests, artists have the possibility to engage in hands-on, on-the-ground activities, encounters and excursions in fields such as archaeology, anthropology, craft or culinary traditions, agriculture and botany while acquiring a personal perspective on the local daily life and the artistic scene of the region.

Gabrielle Moulding painting in Cornwall

Gabrielle (Ella) painting in Cornwall.

Blue Sky in October by Gabrielle Moulding

Blue Sky in October

acrylic and collage

18.5″ x 14.5″


available to buy from Art Cotswold

and at Fresh Art Fair, Ascot from 23rd – 25th September.