Welcoming our first group of exhibiting artists

We are delighted to welcome our first group of exhibiting artists to Art Cotswold, to become part of a happy and productive enterprise, working towards a common goal – bringing the very best of Cotswold art into your home.

Each artist has been selected for the exceptional quality of their work, representing the best artists from every corner of the region.

Rod Nelson, Minchinhampton

Rod Nelson printmaker

Printmaker, specialising in Japanese inspired woodcuts.

Rod is a master craftsman, a true Renaissance man, once a boat builder, then violin maker, Cambridge engineering graduate who can put his hand to anything. He has incredible talent for mixing a mathematical, methodical mind with a highly creative flair and a carefully curated colour palette. This lends itself well to the intricate process of woodcut printing. His evocative prints contain a great deal of peace with a definite nod to traditional Japanese motifs including lakes, ocean and waterfalls.

Irascible by Rod Nelson
Irascible by Rod Nelson
Wild Horses by Rod Nelson
Wild Horses by Rod Nelson

Rebecca Morris, Cheltenham

Artist Rebecca Morris

Expansive skyscapes in oil. Calming and absorbing, mostly large scale, statement pieces. Former broadcast journalist, Rebecca has always shown a natural flair for colour combinations, discovering her distinctive style three years ago – she hasn’t looked back since. Her bubbly sense of humour and zest for life is evident in her social media feed, translating to very elegant, tasteful skyscapes that turn heads.

One Morning by Rebecca Morris for Art Cotswold
One Morning by Rebecca Morris

Miranda Carter, Malmesbury

Miranda Carter in her studio

Miranda Carter is a semi abstract landscape painter inspired by nature’s open spaces and the sense of awe they inspire.

“I aim to recreate the feeling you experience when encountering something bigger than yourself.’”
“I paint and draw simultaneously, adding, concealing and revealing lines and gestures like a conversation. The marks speak to each other, leading the eye through the painting, inviting the viewer to participate in their own personal interpretation. Each painting has its own path and the end point is only clear when the balance of light, colour, and shape are in harmony.”
Inner Light by Miranda Carter for Art Cotswold
Inner Light by Miranda Carter
Liquid Landscape Life by Miranda Carter for Art Cotswold
Liquid Landscape Life by Miranda Carter

Rachel McDonnell, Stroud

Rachel McDonnell
Rachel McDonnell

After graduating in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from Oxford University, Rachel turned to fine art. She has found her metier in delicate and detailed landscapes painted in oil on board. Choosing unusual canvas shapes including ovals, circles and long panels, the viewer is invited a glimpse into a landscape often suffering under man-made pollution or development. Rachel is a keen advocate of environmental issues, aiming to shine a light on mans destruction of our planets natural beauty (seen in ‘Selection’ below – a comment on the building of H2).

Selection by Rachel McDonell
Selection by Rachel McDonnell








Gabrielle Moulding, Cheltenham

Gabrielle Moulding
Gabrielle Moulding

Gabrielle (Ella) paints in all different mediums and styles and is inspired by the light in the landscapes, seascapes and urban world around her. The beauty of the everyday, the clarity and changes in a still life, pattern and composition in a landscape. It’s the intuitive process of painting and mark making that excites her, resulting in a loose, painterly style with a recent lean towards abstraction.

Her practice begins with plein air studies in watercolour, gouache and drawing which are then taken back to her studio to be worked up. These studio representations are therefore memories and interpretations, rather than direct representations.

Blue Sky in October Gabrielle Moulding
Blue Sky in October by Gabrielle Moulding

Catherine Cazalet, Shipston on Stour

Cazalet is London born and raised. Encouraged by her artist mother, she cultivated an early interest in art, inspired also by forays into more rural territories in the UK and Europe.

Prior to undertaking a degree in Fine Art at Newcastle University, Cazalet completed a Foundation Course at Byam Shaw (now a part of St. Martins, UAL) and took a year to study at the prestigious Studio School in New York. Here, the focus was on the figure, but was entirely free from technical restraints.

Her rich and varied studies led her to an apprenticeship at the Sterling Studios, London: a specialist decorator’s workshop – where she explored working with materials – from metals to mirrors, glitter to gold leaf. This experience is very evident in her work which has a very decorative quality, suited to textiles or design.

These experiences combined and an interest in colour, composition and history and origins of design have led Cazalet to develop a unique style. While her classical training underpins Cazalet’s creative investigations, she longs for the abstract – and these dialogues are evident in her often vibrant and geometric output.

Green Tree by Catherine Cazalet
Green Tree by Catherine Cazalet










Jayne Tricker, Cheltenham

Jayne has been a potter and painter for over thirty years, working in various mediums, mostly clay and oils. The thread that runs through all her work is a strong intuition, spirituality and sensitivity. Balance and beauty are key motifs as she explores the miracle and madness of life.

Based in Cheltenham, much of her work features local landscapes aswell as those found further afield in Hampshire where she was born or Dorset which she considers her spiritual home.

Courage by Jayne Tricker
Courage by Jayne Tricker

Kim Jarvis, Stroud

Kim Jarvis

Following a successful career in advertising, Jarvis found her metier in landscape painting. Her work has found great commercial success with a very loyal following who love her style which is both robust and delicate at the same time.

She has exhibited with the Society of Women Artists and the Royal Society of Marine Artists at The Mall Galleries.

Turquoise Tide Rocky Shore by Kim Jarvis
Turquoise Tide Rocky Shore by Kim Jarvis

Jeremy Houghton, Chipping Campden

Jeremy Houghton

Artist in Residence Jeremy Houghton paints journeys, sport and adventure to explore the essence of motion, favouring themes of light, space, movement and time. The subjects that characterise these scenes are illuminated by his focus on the spaces in which bodies linger, shimmer, move and often take flight.

Over the last twenty years he has been invited to detail the life of a number of high-profile communities, from those at Windsor Castle and Highgrove to 2017’s Wimbledon championships, and the competitors at the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics. With each of these projects Houghton is interested in getting beyond public perception, documenting instead the everyday scenes that characterise an event or place.

Amongst other works, he will be exhibiting his series of Flamingo paintings inspired by his time spent teaching at Cape Town School of Art.

Dizzy Heights by Jeremy Houghton
Dizzy Heights by Jeremy Houghton